Saturday, March 31, 2007

Soft Bouclé Ripple Lapghan (Crochet)

This is another beautiful lapghan I think

49 inches wide by 46 inches high

I have three things on my list that I want to do next after the Pinwheel
and I don't know which I want to do first. This is one of them on that list.

Soft Bouclé Ripple Lapghan

Designer: Cherie Marie Leck

(Link Here)


I see what you meant now on the link.................

Here you go Mary, I hope this will help you in finding the Book at a good price :)

Here is an UpDated Link for the Herschner's Blue Ribbon Patterns Book

that I made the "Pin Wheel Afghan" from (below)

Herrschners Blue-Ribbon Afghans Color Pattern Book

Pinwheel Afghan (crochet) PROGRESS PICS

Annie's FREE Pattern Of The Day: (Click Here)
(pics are clickable)
Half Way
(50% complete)

I have had this camara for two years now, and I don't think I will ever figure the old thing out.

I hope that you can see how pretty this design is from these pics. Sorry that the quality isn't the best, but I think you will be able to see just how this ghan shows a beautiful sculptured affect when it's done.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Pinwheel Afghan (Crochet)

I have started working on one very beautiful afghan this past week.
It's called 'Pinwheel' Afghan
I was RAOK'ed at CrochetMania a few months back with the "Herrshner's Blue Ribbon Afghans" book (as well as some other very nice things). I just love all of the patterns in it. I didn't know which one I wanted to do first, they are all so beautiful.

This is the one that I decided to do first. I am making this one for a sweet lady and I hope that she will like it.

Here are a couple of pics. I now have 20 more pinwheels finished since I made these pics that I will be joining together and adding to the ghan tomorrow. I will post
a pic when I have those added. Here is the ghan.....done in a 'Frosty Green' 4-ply

(pics are clickable)

You can find this book listed on ebay.

Link here: Blue Ribbon Afghans

Sunday, March 25, 2007

MamaHooks Crochets: Little White Sweater w/ Hat - 12 month

MamaHooks Crochets: Little White Sweater w/ Hat - 12 month

More Free Crochet Pattern Links

Fun Stuff
And Easter
(with pics)

Animal PillowsBear, Pig and Cat Pillow

Small Easter Bunny Pillow
Designer: Diane Buyers/Stormy'z Crochet 2006

Small Easter Egg Pillow
Designer: Diane Buyers/Stormy'z Crochet 2006

Funky Scrap Pillow
From "Uncommon Threads"

Just Ducky
Ballostring Designs

Little Mouse
Designer: Kristie's Kreations

Cheeky The Octopus
Designer: Melinda Fisher

Little Duck/Chicken pattern
Designer: Kristie's Kreations

Happy Bunny!!
Designer: Kristie's Kreations

Easter Egg Rug
Designer: Donna's Crochet Designs

Designer: Mary Seubold Cahill

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More Crochet Patterns

Hey all
I got a couple more free patterns (And More) sites added today

Stop in and give them a visit, I'm sure they would love it if you did.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Your Comments On The Red Heart Yarns

I for one love the Red Heart Yarns. They do have a few that tend to be just a bit stiff, but I have found them to soften up nicely after they have been washed and dried with fabric softener (any kind seems to do just fine).
They are excellent priced and very durable. I have used other yarns that I would have to admit are to die for, but I am still very fond of the Good Old Red Yarns.
Post your comments on what you think of the Red Heart Yarns
and do you have another yarn that is your favorite?
Post that too and why you like it best overall,
I am always interested in trying new yarns and would love
to hear what yours is,and why.
Thanks CrochetManiacs Everywhere.
Have A CrochetManiacs Kind Of Day!!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Todays FREE Crochet Patterns Links

Afghans (Quilts)

These Two Gorgeous Afghans (Quilts)
Were Designed by: Cara Halvorson


(I could not find who the designer is)

Butterfly Rag Rug Designed By: Tresa Robinson

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Todays Crochet Patterns~~St.Patrick's Day

Fridgie Magnets
Designed by: Cylinda Mathews (with pics)

Shamrock Fridgie or Jewelry
Designed by: Priscilla Hewitt (with pics)

Designed by: Catherine Lindsay (with Pics)

Other Kitchen Goodies

Designed By: Priscilla Hewitt (with pics)

Designed By: Lee Mathewson (with pics)

For Links To 100's Of FREE Patterns!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Want To See Some Pics?

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RAOK's, Swaps & Some Of My Stash

Some Of My Work

Please overlook some of the names under my pics, I kinda goofed on a few......I am gonna have to get back in there soon and get that updated

Today's Crochet Patterns~~Afghans And For The Kitchen


Aran Afghan (with pic)

Basket Weave Afghan Panel (with pic)

For The Kitchen

Angel Dishcloth (with pic)

Ann's Sunflower Potholder (with pic



I know, but this one was just to important

not to share it here with you


HERE: Diamond Rio Song

Posted at this site:


please pass it on

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Take A Peek At My New Look!!

I am still working on my new blog and will have all the links back soon.
I wanted to dedicate my "CrochetManiacs" Blog more toward crochet.
Post your comments as to what you think.
I still have my old template, and can pop it back in here anytime :)
Have a great day out there and thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

~~Take A Peak Some Of My Pics~~

Welcome Back Viqui

~~~ Someone Else Has Found Their Way Back Home To Us !! ~~~
~~~ We Are So Glad To See You Back At The Mania!! ~~~
~~~ We Sure Did Miss Ya' A Bunches!!! ~~~~
~~~~ Welcome Home Woman ~~~~