Monday, March 02, 2009

Just A Little Knit Piddlin!

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Here is something I was playing around with last night. I wanted to try something new after working on the sock, just to break the pace a little.

It is from an afghan pattern. It works up like your crochet mile a minute afghan.
I think it would make for a very nice first time scarf. What do you think?

Sorry if the red is not showing a good pic for you but I think you can get the jest of how the pattern looks.

Look At Me Maw, I'm Knitting!!!

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Yeepee, I have finally mastered it, I am knitting!
I have tried more times than I can remember now to knit and just never did get the hang of it. Well, here of late I had this urge to crochet me up a pair of socks.
I frogged sock pattern after sock pattern. All of them just felt so thick and not comfy to my foot AT ALL!
So I did it, I finally MADE myself to do it, I picked up some DPNS and just went at it! I was determined to learn.

After pulling out more times than I care to remember, LOL...
I finally got the hang of it and have done me up one sock so far. I think that all of the frogging and starting over really helped me so much.

I just have the toe to do now.