Saturday, March 10, 2007

Your Comments On The Red Heart Yarns

I for one love the Red Heart Yarns. They do have a few that tend to be just a bit stiff, but I have found them to soften up nicely after they have been washed and dried with fabric softener (any kind seems to do just fine).
They are excellent priced and very durable. I have used other yarns that I would have to admit are to die for, but I am still very fond of the Good Old Red Yarns.
Post your comments on what you think of the Red Heart Yarns
and do you have another yarn that is your favorite?
Post that too and why you like it best overall,
I am always interested in trying new yarns and would love
to hear what yours is,and why.
Thanks CrochetManiacs Everywhere.
Have A CrochetManiacs Kind Of Day!!


LadyMhere said...

Yes, I like Red Heart.

The Adventure for today is great! I loved the one yesterday tho with all the movement. Thank you YouTube and Kathy this is such fun.....

CrochetManiacs said...

Yea, I find the Red Heart to be an awesome yarn in it's own right. It;s nice to use for so many things and very durable.
I am glad you like the under the sea adventures. Something like that to me makes a blog a lot more fun :)

LadyMhere said...

Well the Red Heart for me is one of the most affordable too so I am glad it is a good quality. I love the yarns so many work with yes I drool a bit but I just do the best I can with what I've got... have a couple friends that have added to my yarn stash and sent me some lovely yarns. Its all good. I have never heard anything bad about Red Heart tho.

vicki said...

red heart is the main stay of all great afghans, forever more may it reign th afghan queen of yarns , i have used many different yarns and none are aas versitle as red heart. long may it live in our little slico of crochet heaven hehe a

Lisa said...

I know there are a lot of 'yarn snobs' out there who may thing RH is not good enough for them but when you don't make a lot of money and you love to crochet, it's perfect in my opionion. Although, if you shop online, you can get Bernat for even cheaper at knitting Bernat and RH are very similar. The only difference is that Bernat is a tad softer. BUT, I also find the newest batch of RH yarns are a lot softer than they used to be and they have a HUGE selection of colors to choose from. It's a staple in my stash, that's for sure!