Sunday, March 04, 2007

Take A Peek At My New Look!!

I am still working on my new blog and will have all the links back soon.
I wanted to dedicate my "CrochetManiacs" Blog more toward crochet.
Post your comments as to what you think.
I still have my old template, and can pop it back in here anytime :)
Have a great day out there and thanks for stopping by.


Marsha said...

This is beautiful good job Kathy, I can't swim but I sink well.... what a lovely place to relax. Love ya Darlin'

Jodi said...

Very pretty!
Now you just need a seahorse or 2 swimming around. hehe

Good job on it!

CrochetManiacs said...

Hey Marsha, I can swim but not so good. I really like the soothing color of this template, it is easy on my old eyes, LOL.
Hugs to ya girl.

Hey Jodi, I think I like that idae of a seahorse, maybe a sea creature or two would be nice :)

Thanks guys, I am really liking this one. Got to get my links back in here now.

You ywo have a good one