Saturday, March 31, 2007

Soft Bouclé Ripple Lapghan (Crochet)

This is another beautiful lapghan I think

49 inches wide by 46 inches high

I have three things on my list that I want to do next after the Pinwheel
and I don't know which I want to do first. This is one of them on that list.

Soft Bouclé Ripple Lapghan

Designer: Cherie Marie Leck

(Link Here)


I see what you meant now on the link.................

Here you go Mary, I hope this will help you in finding the Book at a good price :)

Here is an UpDated Link for the Herschner's Blue Ribbon Patterns Book

that I made the "Pin Wheel Afghan" from (below)

Herrschners Blue-Ribbon Afghans Color Pattern Book


Lisa said...

That is a very pretty ghan. If I made something small like that my family would think I was crazy!! "What is this good for? It hardly covers anything!" I guess I've spoiled them by making 'blankets' instead of laghans! My fault!!

Michele said...

My family is just like Lisa's they all want really BIG afghans. It's a beautiful patternthough

Anonymous said...

Was wondering where I can get this pattern for the Pinwheel. I checked the link you posted and it is no
longer on there.


CrochetManiacs said...

Here you go, I will repost the link above for you. I just clicked on it and got it to open for me...........that link server may have been down at the time you checked before.
Let me know if you have anymore trouble with opening this page for the pattern.