Sunday, May 31, 2009

All Gone!

Good morning all, it has been a while since I posted in my blog, but I will try to post more often, I promise.

Well, it is official, I am now toothless as of this past friday. Yep, got them all pulled. I had 13 left in the front and with the change of life, they had all began to crumble and break. I had no other choice other than to take them all out. I sure did dread doing it but I am now glad I did, and it's over. I will just be so glad now when I can chaw down on some real food again. They have had me on puddings and jello since friday. Now that it is sunday, this old gal is starving!

And would you beleive it, I haven't lost 1 friggin pound in the past couple of days. I figured with eating just pudding and jello that I would loose something but oh no, not my luck!
Oh well, maybe a pound or two will drop off here in a few days.