Monday, April 30, 2007

Doggie Paw Coaster

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Doggie Paw Coaster.
I just had to add something
to go along with the Dog Bone Potholder,
didn't I? LOL!!

I am working on getting the pattern written up
and posted up for sale on my etsy shop this evening

Doggie Toes :)

This Weeks Under The Sea Adventure At CrochetManics

This weeks under the sea adventure is now posted
in the side bar to your right
"Dolphins Swim in the Wild"

Sunday, April 29, 2007

One More Thing Added At My Etsy Shop Tonight

I just added one more thing on my Etsy Shop tonight.
It's the dog bone potholder designed by Andrea.

She has some great patterns.......check out her Etsy Shop.
Link Here: Crochet Diva's Shop

Isn't this just to cute?
click on to enlarge

Hot Lips HANNA, Just A Little Turtle From Savanah

Well there she is folks, Hot Lips HANNAH
In all of her cuteness, LOL!

Now at my etsy shop..........Got my fingers crossed that
her grand debut will be a good one! :)

PIC #3 ~~ Free Yarns!!

PIC #3
Two More Skeins Added!! :)

click on pic to enlarge

Friday, April 27, 2007

Hmmmmm...What Has This Old Woman Been Up To Now...

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As everyone knows, I have been working for a few days now on joining and finishing out the charity squares. Yesterday I decided to take a break away from them for a day, or 3 :)

I sat here and designed up this little critter coaster. Now to get the time to make a few of them to sell at my etsy shop.

What do you all think, do I need to make any changes in him (or her) anywhere?
Or does he (or she) look ready to go?

Click on pics to enlarge

Now just look at that face, isn't he cute?
and that mouth, LOL!

His little tummy :)

Andrea (better know to most of us as "AJ" ) has designed an oh so cute little Turtle Potholder and has given me the privelege of being able to make them and to sell them on my etsy shop :)

Here is a link to her etsy shop: "Crochet Diva's Shop"
~~ Stop in and see what all she has! ~~
I just had to design up this little "Turtle Coaster" to match it.

She has also given me the privelege of making and selling her little "Sock Monkey Potholder" and her little "Dogbone Potholder".

She is just so talented, and a very sweet lady too :)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Beautiful Video ~~ "Mom's Journey"

Thank you so much for sharing this site with me MissKitty,
This one is so true
~~ Mother's do live on through their children ~~

I wanted to share this video, and their site with all of you :)

Free Pattern (Links) Knit Coaster & Tea Set

Just for you Marsha
And for all of the other's that knit who visit CrochetManiacs.
I will try to post more free Knit pattern links along for all of you,
I Promise :)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Another Free Crochet Pattern (Link)

This is just so cute I wanted to post the link for you.
It's a free dish cloth pattern
~~Ice Cream Dish Cloth~~
Here Is The Link: CrochetSal

I think this one would make a cute coaster
~~Teapot Ornament~~
Here Is The Link: CrochetSal

PIC #2 ~~ Free Yarns!!

Second Pic:

I have added a second skein of the Ruby color "Jewel Box" yarn

click on to enlarge:

The one at the left is kind of like your "Chambray" yarns.

The "Unger" is: 80% Acetate--20% Polyester---Made in Italy and is a stiffer yarn. I think crape when I look at the Unger Yarn.

I would say that these two would be more for pretty trims on purses and such. Both have a shinny strand running through them,,,would make for a lacy look.

The one to the back right is Chenille.

CharityGhan #5

Charity Ghan #5 Completed

GHAN #5 (Apr) pic #1 ~~~ Click on pics to enlarge

GHAN #5 (Apr) pic #2

I know that I have been calling them Ghans, but they are Blankies....

Always an ooopsey for me to least once a week, LOL!

Monday, April 23, 2007

END DATE For The Free Yarn----May 7th

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OK, then May 7th it is folks.
We Will run this up thru May 7th at midnight (Central Standard Time)

So get those comments in everyone!!

Now, On to some crochet and knit talk here :)

I have been working on the baby ghans from the charity board donations and have just recently completed the Pinwheel Afghan. Tonight I began working on a tiny little bear...and will do a mini ginger bread man after the bear. I have 2 afghans in mind that I would like to get started on soon but haven't made up my mind yet as to which one of the two I am gonna do. One of them is a quilt pattern. I have not done a quilt pattern before and it looks like it would most surely take a long time. It's one of those patterns that one does in the evening while setting and watching TV. You can also do this one on the go, the squares would be so easy to do as a travel project.
I might just do both.....the quilt and another one that does up quicker.....I always like that fast completion that gives instant satisfaction over the ones that take a long longer to do. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy making them, but I always seem to get burned out on them long before I ever get finished.
I am also planning for myself a well balanced low fat menu........yep, I need to drop a bunch of pounds over here, hubby says, "A whole bunch"!!! He makes me want to just smack him. He is one of those who doesn't gain a lot of weight, EVER!! Makes me mad everytime I have to give up that extra helping.....and he can get by with eating it, and never gain an ounce. Don't hubbies like that just make you want to Smack Em??? LOL!!
Oh well, I guess it could be worse, I could be even bigger than what I am and have to loose that much more, LOL! Guess there IS always a brighter side to everything :)
you just got to look for it.

Change The END DATE For The Free Yarn?

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Question...Do You Want To Change The END DATE For the
Free Yarn give away?

I got to thinking that May is busy with springtime things going on like
gardens and, if you all want to, we can reset the end date.

We can back it up to May 7th.........That would give everyone just two more weeks and it wouldn't be such a burden for everyone as a whole month might be.

I don't know about you, but I think it would be nicer for you to get the yarns sooner don't you,
and let you enjoy your springtime in May that much more :)

OK, what do you say players, do you want to end it on May 7th at midnight (central standard time)?
It sounds good to me :)

P.S. I would love it if you could still come by
after May 7th and visit CrochetManiacs Blog....
Post a howdy do now and then :)

This Weeks Under The Sea Adventure At CrochetManics

This weeks Under The Sea Adventure went up today,
posted (top right) in the side bar to your right.
"The Killer Whales" set to music.

CharityGhan #4

Charity Ghan #4 Completed

This ghan Is almost the same size as the others (same in width, shy almost 2 inches in length) These squares were a tad different in size so I joined this one a little different from the others to make it's size as close to the same as I could

GHAN #4 (Apr) pic #1 ~~~ Click on pics to enlarge

GHAN #4 (Apr) pic #2

Sunday, April 22, 2007

OK, I Guess Just One Itty Bitty Peek Can't Hurt

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Have Fun!!


Ok, here you itty bitty peek ain't gonna hurt none.

LOL, it was me all along,

I just couldn't wait to show you all at least one skein :)

click on to enlarge

Yup, I caved

Friday, April 20, 2007


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FREE YARN Give Away!!!!





1. Cast Your Votes First (both of them please)
(Once in this Poll that was posted, and One here: ("Vote For This Site")

2. Post A Comment (they start counting now) Anywhere In This Blog

3. Then E-mail Me For All The Details
( )

This will run from, NOW Up Thru and ending on May 31st

Good Luck To All!!


The following list of players met all of the above requirements

LIST OF PLAYERS: YAY!!!!! (21) Is Good :)

1. Kari DogwoodDreams

2. Tammy A Creative Spirit

3. Tara JazzRizz

4. Melanie Candle-By-Night

5. Linda Knitty Girl

6. Michele FromMichele'sHeart

7. Jodi WildCrochet 247

8. LadyMhere No Blog

9. Lisa APlayfulYarn

10. Veronica About A Vern

11. MissKitty Made By Chris

12. Mythunderbird CrochetQueenHeavenSent

13. Netter NothinButNett

14. TXcrochetLover No Blog

15. AngelFire Bonnie's Snowglobe

16. SummerySmile CrochetMeCrazy

17. AngelFairy No Blog

18. Kare Tangles (old lady kay)

19. Allena StarKnits

20. Hounddog No Blog

21. Norma Norma (her new myspace)

Don't forget to visit each others blog now....leave them a howdy do while you are there :)



THE COUNT IS ON!!!!!!!!!!

......SO LET THOSE COMMENTS FLY!!!!!!!......




Thursday, April 19, 2007

Funny Video My SIS Sent Me On My B-Day


Hmmmm, I wonder what she is trying to tell
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketthis 54 year old B-Day Girl Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

NOTE: If a little window pops up, saying Allow or Deny,
just double click on Deny........Then click on "Play"

What Was Our Mystery KAL? (A Knit Kitty Washcloth)

Our Mystery KAL at CrochetMania

This is what it was
(A Kitty Washcloth)
(Yup, Yup, I missed one row)
(but it turned out ookey dookey!)

I am going to enjoy using this one a lot.

My Second Knitted Washcloth

WOW, I can't believe I did that!
Even with the teeny tiny goof,
(now that I can believe, LOL)
it turned out better than I expected!
click on pic to enlarge

Crocheted Baby-Ghan # 3 For Charity Completed

We have just completed one more baby-ghan for charity.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I just love these colors, so little girl adorable Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Baby Ghan #3
click on to enlarge

Come and join us at CrochetManiacsForCharity and help us to
give some warm hugs and put smiles on those little faces
that are so in need of one.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pics Of The Completed Pinwheel Afghan (crochet)

She recieved the 'RAOK'....The Pinwheel Afghan!

I hope that she enjoys it just as much as I enjoyed making it for her,

she is one very sweet lady and it was a joy making this for her.

Well, I promised to show you some pics of the completed ghan when I could,
and here they are

Saturday, April 14, 2007

CrochetManiacsForCharity---Completed Afghans



GHAN #2(Apr)

Hi all, these are our first two baby ghans that have been completed at CrochetManiacsForCharity

I have been very busy this past few weeks and did run behind a little. First off we needed some Soft White yarn and I was out (I thought). Then just when I was getting started on this afghan for my friend, I found two skeins of it in my stash that I had stored in a sterlite tub in the closet.......GOOD, I HAVE YARN FOR THE CHARITY GHANS.........

She is such a very sweet lady (she has been really sick) and I wanted to make an afghan for her.

I started on her afghan first thinking that I should have it completed in just a matter of days.

I was wrong.........It took me two full weeks (right near 3), but it turned out so pretty. It has been sent and she should be getting the afghan any day now. I so hope she will like it.

Off now to finish my

and get back to the 3rd charity ghan now

Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm Learning How To Knit!

I am learning how to knit!

I can't believe I did this little fellow below.
I have always played around with the idea that I would someday learn (seriously) how to knit. Well, that day has came. I am now in a KAL at the present
at CrochetMania and it is a lot of fun.

The tention has been the hardest part so far to learn,
I think I have finally got that figured out now.

I have posted the link to this pattern underneath this pic
(Click On Pic To Enlarge)
(link here)

I am going to try this one next
(Link Here): Kate the Cat Cloth

Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's Finished, YAY!!

The Pinwheel Afghan is finished!!
I will get pics posted soon.
I can't wait to show you, it turned out so pretty,
I have just fell in love with this pattern.

Monday, April 09, 2007

This Weeks Under The Sea Adventure At CrochetManics

Weekly Under The Sea Adventures Are Posted On Mondays.

This weeks adventure is now posted in the side bar.
Title: "Dancing Manta Rays"

Don't forget to check them out each week, and enjoy seeing all of
the amazing "Under The Sea Creatures'

Newly Posted Recipe ~~ A Delicious Smoothie!!

Newly posted recipe at:

Berry Banana Smoothie
and it is so delicious!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

E-Pattern Central Has Some Great (99cent) Patterns!!

E-Pattern Central Has Some Great (99cent) Patterns!!

I went by E-pattern Central today for a visit (it has been a long time since
I stopped in there) and found a lot of great patterns for just (99cents)!!

I just have to add these to my list of to do's:

Bridget ~~ Abby (beautiful dresses for little ones)
Spring Bouquet Potpourri Egg (this one is just gorgeous)
I love these afghans (afghans are my favorite thing to crochet)
I really like the boarder on this one: Nine Patch Popcorn Afghan

And these

LOL, I will never get the chance to do them all, but hey, one can dream right?

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Pinwheel Afghan (crochet) PROGRESS UPDATE

~~I have finished 20 more pinwheels completed~~
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I am one happy camper Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

CrochetManiacsForHealthyRecipes Poll

Link Here To See:

Do You Like This Template?

CrochetManiacsForHealthyRecipesTemplate I Am Not Sure That I Like It

Yes, I Like
No, Can't See The Recipes Very Well
Poll starter: kahud48 See Results

What do you think, is it as hard for you to see the posted recipe as it is for me to see? I appreciate your vote on the 'Healthy Recipes Blog Template'



Well now, I have finally got the recipes blog doing a little bit of something LOL.
I did manage to get up one recipe (honest) posted on the healthy recipes blog today for everyone :)
I know, you all have waited a while now, so I posted the first one just for all of us girls........
Carob is a healthy chocolate substitute
It Is Really Very Good.

Let me know how you all like it~~~~~~~~~~Enjoy!

(Link Here to CrochetManiacsForHealthyRecipes or in the side bar
Link to the healthy recipes blog)