Saturday, July 08, 2006

YAY~~You Go Girl!!!

made her first sale. That is awesome!! I can remember when I made my first sale there
at etsy, it did feel good.
Congrats my friend on your first sale, you deserve it (thumbs up).

Go and check out Jodi's etsy shop,
She has the boobie pillows and blankets to match---LOL!!
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CrochetManiacs said...

Thank's girl friend----yep, finally found me one---thanks to our Miss Donna. She is a nice person. See ya, don't forget to check out my Saturday Sky today. I am going to be posting it in here in just a few.

Jodi said...

Thanks, Kathy!
You are my cheerleader, Woman! I'm hoping to add some different stuff to my store now that it's up and running. I just need to dig in my boxes of and take some pictures.
Have a great day!


CrochetManiacs said...

Oh you deserve all the cheers girl, you did good, 2 sales (in one day) in just your first few days of being open isn't bad at all.
You did good----the little cradle purses are so cute girl. I need to get somethings put on there myself, but I just keep running into a dead end with ideas of what to put---lol, it's like my brain has taken itself a vacation.
You are off to a really good start Jodi, here's wishing for you the best---cheers.


Lisa said...

I love Jodi's patterns. I especially love the boobie stuff for the guys. I really want to make one and I will at some point...just add it to the list!!

CrochetManiacs said...

Yup, Jodi has them things down pat, LOL!!