Saturday, July 15, 2006

Saturday Sky

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Here today in my neck of the woods our sky is pretty but we are having A HOT ONE my friends. We have been in the 90's now for a few days and very humid---never a pleasant mix at all. To give you an idea of just how miserable it has been, and is today, last night we had a heat index of 92 degrees (Fahrenheit) at 10:oo PM.
I wish I could say that we haven't hit our dog days of Summer here, but I can't----they have arrived in all their glory. This usually stays like this for about 6 weeks on an average here, and then we begin to start cooling back down.
Hope all of you out there are having a wonderful Saturday Sky your way and don't forget to show us your
Saturday Sky.

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Sonia said...

Beautiful sky! Thanx for sharing! Keep 'em coming woman!
Hang in there with the weather.