Friday, July 28, 2006

Hi everyone.
I have been trying to get this back up as soon as I could and I think that I have just about got everything back on board now. I will add more goodies now that I have somewhere to put them.
I just did not have any room much with the Blogger 2-column template for what all I wanted to put in my blog. So I went searching for a blogger 3-column template
and found this site.
Check it out:
This is the one there in blue (left side about mid way down). This one that I liked the best because it is one of my favorite colors and I did not have to try and figure out how to change it.
Well, I have to run for now.

Please scroll all the way down to the bottom, I have much more down there to.

Look through the Christian Ring Surf while you are there. Lots of wonderful crochet sites there
and a few have patterns for our personal use that are really nice. I think you would enjoy searching through them immensely.

Everyone of you that visit here today, here's wishing you have a blessed one.

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