Friday, June 29, 2007

Yes, This CrochetManiac Is Still Alive

I am still trying to get caught up with my crocheting................looks like I am about to get there,
then boom, another etsy customer wants me to make her a california king bedspread.......WOOHOO! She is just the nicest lady, I love making things for her :)

I will still do my best to get in here and post something new real soon, I promise just hang in there.

I think that I am gonna have to learn how to crochet faster, LOL!

I miss blogging with all of you :)
I will do my best to get back in here real soon. I missed my first blogaversary, CrochetManiacs became one year old on the 22nd so we are gonna have to do something to celebrate...........................Keep a check and see what we come up with to do, I don't know what it will be yet, but I promise it will be fun :)

Have a good night all and I can't wait to get this blog going again with daily goodies posted just for you :)

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