Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Calling All CrochetMania Members!!!!

We have a new swap posted at TheMania (Crochet Slippers Swap) and are looking for a few more CrochetMania Members out there to come on and join in!!
We still need a few more to get this one off and running,
so come on everyone,

Lets get this Slipper Party Started!!!

Link Here: CrochetMania Slipper Swap


Summerysmile said...

hmmm...I'll have to think about it. Slippers are something i can make but not sure if its good timing for me. I'm SOOOO busy right now until the end of the month. How about size? Does it matter? I DO have a pair of small sized slippers already made...probably a 5 o 6 tops. Man, those were some doosey's to make, too. I will NEVER make those particular slippers again because it was way too much work! LOL

CrochetManiacs said...

Well, you can get with Linda and she can partner you with someone that wears a smaller size. I don't see why not :)
I remember when I was trying to make them at the start, the patterns out there are just not what I like to, I just made up my own :)
I wanted them to fit right and look like slippers, you know? I think I did OK.They are selling right along at my etsy shop, and I have had some repeat customers on them too which is always nice.
If you want to join in, just get with Linda the swap coordinater and she would pair you up with someone that wears a small I bet :)
We would love it if you could, but know how it is right now with Summer coming on if you can't. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)