Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm Learning How To Knit!

I am learning how to knit!

I can't believe I did this little fellow below.
I have always played around with the idea that I would someday learn (seriously) how to knit. Well, that day has came. I am now in a KAL at the present
at CrochetMania and it is a lot of fun.

The tention has been the hardest part so far to learn,
I think I have finally got that figured out now.

I have posted the link to this pattern underneath this pic
(Click On Pic To Enlarge)
(link here)

I am going to try this one next
(Link Here): Kate the Cat Cloth


Barb said...

so cute!!! you did a GREAT job for your first knit dishcloth, WAY better than my first knitting (it was so mis-shappen LOL) can't wait too see what else you make, it can get very addicting :)

CrochetManiacs said...

I can just imagine it getting addictive, I had a blast making this today. Thanks for the compliments. I have piddled just a tad with knit and thought it was about time I really did something with it. Heck, I am not to old to learn :)
Thank you Barb

Lindsey said...

Nice work! Like Barb, it looks much better than my first knitting project too. My first prject was a small garter-stitch baby blanket - very basic.

CrochetManiacs said...

I am so excited! Thank you for your compliment Lindsey. Thanks to all of you knitters, it makes me think now that I can really get the hang of this knitting after all

norma said...

That is really cute . I have tried to knit and can not do it . I like the ideal of just having one needle in my hand not two . Great job kathy

CrochetManiacs said...

Thank you Norma, I have had so much trouble learning, but now it is becoming a lot of fun and not so hard to do anymore :)
Just go at it Norma, you can do it, I am cheering for you :)

Lisa said...

How cute! I have to get my knitting needles and see if I can remember how!!