Wednesday, April 04, 2007

E-Pattern Central Has Some Great (99cent) Patterns!!

E-Pattern Central Has Some Great (99cent) Patterns!!

I went by E-pattern Central today for a visit (it has been a long time since
I stopped in there) and found a lot of great patterns for just (99cents)!!

I just have to add these to my list of to do's:

Bridget ~~ Abby (beautiful dresses for little ones)
Spring Bouquet Potpourri Egg (this one is just gorgeous)
I love these afghans (afghans are my favorite thing to crochet)
I really like the boarder on this one: Nine Patch Popcorn Afghan

And these

LOL, I will never get the chance to do them all, but hey, one can dream right?


Michele said...

Wishing you a Very Happy Easter Kathy ..... Hope the Easter Bunny is good to you

CrochetManiacs said...

Thank you Michele, and I hope that you and your family had a nice Easter too. All was good here :)
was a very nice day with my family.

norma said...

I like patterns central myself . they have a lot of nice patterns

CrochetManiacs said...

Yes, me too....and one other one called :CrochetPoet:, they have looooooots of patterns listed.

Lisa said...

Yes, I've bought a few patterns from there in the past as well and am always very satisfied. It's a great site.

Lisa said...

I do hate that even after you download it on to your computer that you still have add the password though.