Friday, August 24, 2007

Crochet Top 100 List Site!

Come And Check It Out!

We Would Love For You to Join Us!
List Your Site~~I Look Forward To
Seeing You There.


..:..Ivy's Creations Crochet ®..:.. said...

Hi! The forum I obtained to have access the site not. I translating use online and would be very difficult I to obtain to communicate me with you, therefore many times you use terms that these translators do not understand. Already it thought? I thank its invitation, but in fórum it would be impossible I to interact...
I verify the address of the site to obtain to have access.

..:..Ivy's Creations Crochet ®..:.. said...

I'm here againnn! LOL!
Sooo... I click in this link I to register in register the Blog and does not load the page no way! It was for that it gived to review link, therefore does not load the page... I very want to register in cadastre me... He will be that I will obtain? Ah! He answers me for my email: For I do not obtain here to answer you, therefore you he configured not to receive messages in Spaces Live.