Friday, October 05, 2007

Adjustable Hidden Ring

"Adjustable Hidden Ring"
Instructions will be under each picture

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Loop yarn up to the right over top of forefinger.
Bring yarn down and under the middle finger.
Bring back up to the left over forefinger.
Then bring straight down on the left back


Take your hook and insert it into the figure 8 from the right.... over top of the yarn at the right, and under the yarn at the left.

Yo and pull back through to the right.....being sure to hold loop up against the ring and holding the end yarn with your left hand to maintain tention.

Chain as many chains as you will need here to work in your first round.
If you are going to work this round in sc, then ch 1
If you are going to work this round in hdc, then ch 2
If you are going to work this round in dc, then ch 3
If you are going to work this round in tr, then ch 4

In this Example picture ABOVE,
ch 1 was used in order to work this round in sc.

Crochet as many stitches as your pattern calls for (this example picture ABOVE was done in 16 sc)

Snug the ring closed.

Join with a sl st in the first sc.

Lay the end yarn up and over your working yarn, then work the first stitch that is called for in your pattern in round 2 ....
carry the end yarn across the back for a few stitches, crocheting over it as you work this round

After you have completed a few stitchs, the snip the end yarn, and continue working your pattern